Fall 2017: The Green School for Societal Advancement

The Green School for Societal Advancement

This collage is comprised of four manipulated images, each depicting an unique characteristic of The Green School for Societal Advancement:

Green School for Societal Advancement

The top image displays the school with solar panels on the roof, as well as the farm and green space in which the school is located.

Directly below this image is the entrance of the school with a bus stop for the school’s developed transportation system.

The third image is taken from the roof, demonstrating the healthy green rooftop garden.

The final image is an elevation of the school with algae underneath the school. This image is the most abstract, and it represents how the school’s energy as well as the fuel for the bus system is partially supplied by algae, and therefore the school and all its functions are powered by algae.


Niu Niu Pontius, College of Engineering

Jason Katz, College of Arts and Sciences, Chemistry

Katherine McKeon, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Animal Science

Zeli Grey, College of Art, Architecture and Planning, Architecture