Fall 2017: Sunny with a Chance of Disaster

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Sunny with A Chance of Disaster

Sunny with a Chance of Disaster is a film that portrays a story where a man gets interrupted by an old TV ad while watching a show. The advertisement shows a neighborhood fully functional on renewables energy sources. As the man watches the ad he realizes that switching to renewables is no longer an option. Additionally, all fossil fouls are completely depleted.  At this point, his world starts to tear down.

We created a scenario where there is no choice to return to renewable energy sources. Our video depicts an ad that was made 3 decades ago where renewable energy was an option. Our video and story together tell a story of a person watching the ad as their world she lives in turns disastrous. [Please watch the video before reading].

Maidul Islam, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Information Science

Kaysie Yu, College of Engineering, Information Science and Technology

Asher Zelson, College of Arts and Sciences