Spring 2018: @humansofenergyfutures

humans of energy futures snapshot

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The main project question, “What would the future look, and be like, after fossil fuels?” was something the everyday person would not consider. Fossil fuels are deeply ingrained in our lives, so posing this question to our audience was a novel thought to them. We further encouraged them to think deeply on the subject, posing several more supporting speculative questions (i.e. how would you envision the transition period would look like?). Given our scientific background, we sought to discover what others may envision in this purely theoretical prompt. In developing our questions, we were inspired by concepts we discussed in class. The human dimension of this prompt asked our audience to also foresee any societal or political changes. Our questions were interdisciplinary, forcing our audience to think creatively and pragmatically.

In developing our project, we discussed which platforms would provide the best organization and presentation of our testimonials to our target audience: the general public. We chose Instagram because of its sharing capabilities, minimal carbon footprint, and display style. Instagram’s social media platform allows individual posts and the overall page to be shared through different media networks (e.g. Facebook) which extends our project to a broader audience.

Hiilei Casco, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, Environmental & Sustainability Sciences

Anita Tendler, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, Animal Science