Fall 2017: Kinship

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In our group’s piece, Kinship, we imagined the improved sustainability of the world that would come about if we changed our current values in society from greed and materialism to one based on a system that shared similar values to those of the Native Americans, such as reciprocity, respect, and cooperation.

Kinship, a creative writing piece accompanied by illustrations, was inspired by Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass, class discussions, and content both inside and outside of class. To fulfill the project’s objective of conceiving a future without the usage of fossil fuels for energy, our group envisioned a society that is centered around agriculture, driven by a gift economy, and set on restoring environmental health.

Amy Shen, College of Engineering, Environmental Engineering

Pete Buonanno, College of Arts & Sciences, Mathermatics

Lynette Huang, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, Landscape Architecture

Isabel Kim, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, Biometry & Statistics