Fall 2017: GreenWorld and putearthfirst.net

Our project explored the consequences of climate change and how we can craft a sustainable future. Our project was split into two parts: a fictional story and an informative website. 


The story explores two explicit visions of our potential future (one optimistic, one pessimistic)—which is imperative as we are far past the time for subtlety when discussing catastrophic climate change. But at the same time the story also incorporates the nuance of the human experience and our tendency to ignore undeniable truths simply because they are inconvenient. The ending, set in near-present day, highlights the most fundamental issue regarding crafting a sustainable future: the average person’s tendency to not act and to hand down responsibility to the next generation.


The website is designed to inform readers of the consequences of climate change and teach them how they can help prevent catastrophic climate change. There are three main pages: “What is Climate Change” teaches readers what causes climate change and why it must be stopped. “How Will the U.S. Be Impacted” uses an interactive map of the U.S. to show users how different regions will be affected. This helps them see how they will be directly affected, making them care more. Lastly, “Take Action” teaches users tactics to help save Earth. They even learn how to contact their representatives in the subpage “Contact Your Representatives.”

Bryan Graeser, College of Arts and Sciences, English

Laura Sizemore, College of Engineering, Computer Science